Reidfork Typeface + Textpress

Reidfork Typeface + Textpress

Reidfork Typeface with Vintage Textpress and Bonus Vector

Reidfork Typeface is another meticulously hand-crafted font developed with love and passion:) You can be as creative as you want with this typeface. Imagine and touch the sky, and check out some of my work on Instagram at With a free vector set from our Vintage Hand Drawn Style Logos And Badges collection.

This is what you’ll be getting ;

  • Reidfork Regular
  • Reidfork Handdrawn
  • Reidfork Handdrawn Rough
  • Bonus Vector Pack
  • Vintage Textpress

Also included are Illustrator Tips “Vintage Textpress,” which will show you how to get Vintage Textpress in Adobe Illustrator in a brief tutorial. Personally, I’ve used “Vintage Textpress” for this and other fonts.

You can use your own shape and raster settings in addition to text. You should be able to utilize basic effects in Illustrator at the very least (inner glow, film grain and etc.)

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