Lunchbox Slab Regular

Lunchbox Slab Regular

LunchBox Slab is the paired version of LunchBox, a hand-drawn typeface with a wide range of customization possibilities and a completely authentic style. LunchBox Slab’s serifs are simple blocks with bulbous terminals on curved letters, creating a distinctive look.

LunchBox Slab’s OpenType features are identical to those of its counterpart behind the scenes, allowing access to over 1,500 distinct characters. Contextual alternatives provide each letter with four alternate character styles that cycle through each other to ensure that no two letters appear together. A bespoke set of little caps is also available, each with four style possibilities. Alternative stylistics include a hand-drawn flourish, loop, and subtle variance, as well as four different styles per letter. Discretionary ligatures apply to both traditional all-caps LunchBox and aesthetic variations. It creates a unique interaction for unusual letter combinations, giving your design a distinctive and individualized look without requiring you to spend hours drawing and outlining your text. There are additionally lowercase letters with ascenders and descenders, as well as swashes with four style choices for both the standard and stylistic alternatives.

All of these fonts are available in three different weights: light, regular, and bold.

Nearly 200 visuals, flourishes, frames, catchwords, text breaks, and arrows are included in LunchBox Slab Ornaments.

You can manually access each of the style variations you want if you don’t utilize OpenType and instead use an application with a full glyph panel.


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